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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with ZAFUL

St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on every March, 17th, is a big festival established to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland. Now, this festival is popular throughout the worldwide. On that day people who celebrate will wear green clothes, drink beer and decorate their homes with the 4 leaf clover.
This St. Patrick’s Day, ZAFUL are here with you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Wear green.
You don’t have to wear a huge clover on the front of your shirt but could choose a playful green outfit to take part in the celebrations. Grean on the behalf of life and spring.
Try a green A-line dress like this one here:

zaful green

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For people who want to create a more festive atmosphere, green accessories would be better. You can try a green hat and a fake beard.
This hat will be a great addition to any costume:

zaful green hat

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Bracelates, Earrings, or chokers are very good at enhancing an outfit, and for St. Patrick’s Day they can show off your quirky side. On this day, whatever you wear will be deemed acceptable, the bigger the better.
What do you think of this Braided Acrylic Necklace:

zaful green necklace

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In addition, the biggest suprise from ZAFUL to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day is ZAFUL’s “GET LUCKY, GET GREEN”
Winner gets the full order CASH BACK, no matter how much you spend on ZAFUL.

zaful green lucky
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