Looking for the “WESTERN STYLE” to go dancing the COUNTRY DANCE

The other day walking down the street my gaze fell on a poster advertising a country dance club that caught my attention, “why not?” I thought and so I decided to take the phone number to get some information about it.  Country dance is depopulated in my country, wherever there are country dance groups, and apparently people enjoy a lot in these evenings always in restaurants and pubs where you’re with friends, eating good food and dancing group. I’m talking about line dancing because in Italy the phenomenon of country dance began with the couple dancing. However with the Italians to have greater success was not the two step, but the line dance. This phenomenon is already present in the years ‘ 80 had its greatest popularity in the years ‘ 90 line dance groups are not counted. I really need to learn these dances so popular and known by everyone. I decided that in my life, I need a distraction like this, I need to have fun and meet new people, I’ve been thinking about this for some time, now came the right opportunity. So once a week after dinner will take dance lessons, dance music, cheerful, carefree people enrolled and then attend to the evenings at nightclubs or dinners organized by my group. Born in America, in Texas, the country style brings to mind music “Country & Western” saloon bar with wooden counter, glasses of bourbon produced locally. I have a vague idea what this style that means, when I was a little girl the Westerns were highly appreciated and transmitted by television, so now that I have organized the course, I have to think about style and clothing that requires this kind of fun. I need jeans  that are the basis of a cowboy outfit and plaid shirt  that are typical of this style. So I wandered into my favorite online shop Zaful , which for some time now as my fashion and I selected the articles that most struck to build western-style outfit. In section shirts I selected:

  1. oversized checked shirta classic checkered shirt with red and blue colors that are a classic refined that I love. I like this color scheme and its refinement, can I wear it quietly in the evenings of rehearsals of dance with my group, I’ll have a proper look and at the same time comfortable to move around comfortably.图片12.cold shoulder gingham shirta chequered shirt sexy for the evenings in the most trendy, I like the idea of being sexy while I move  to the sound of music.图片23.tie back batwing sleeve plaid shirt never miss special and original models, so even a bow tied behind their backs can make my most romantic style. I think this shirt will be mine soon.图片3

Now that I have chosen the shirts, I need some jeans are essential to build the perfect look, Zaful as always helps me. It’s so simple, I chose some of the clothes that I’m wearing in this new adventure and I am happy to show you:

  1. hollow out cat s whisker fringe nine minutes of jeansasymmetrical frayed will envy, the line intentionally discharged with the leg and the fabric frayed, It will be ideal for dances.图片4
  2. frayed hem bell bottom jeansis a love, to great effect, her rouge at the bottom reflect the current fashion, it will be a pleasure to wear them!图片53.denim super flare jeans, this denim love the uniform color and its retrò, snug on the leg and wide at bottom, surely the ideal to enhance my lovely legs, I’m lucky I have very skinny legs and firm.图片6With much pride, and soon I was able to create my perfect style, I know exactly who the people attending these courses, care much what they look like to feel fine in context, is part of the passion after all. I certainly don’t want to make a bad impression, thanks to the right shop I could find everything I need to start this adventure, I already know that I love it, so it won’t be long I’ll have to find other clothing to make me beautiful in the evenings organized by my country dance group. Are already full of enthusiasm because I haven’t started my course and I think already that I will need even miniskirts in jeans and shorts, if it is very hot while you dance will be needed. I think I’ll be back soon to zaful for another order and that makes me happy after all. If you are fans of country dances, dancers or zaful is with you!


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