games Promotion:Pokémon Alert is organizing a new promotion named Pokémon Alert.

Hundreds of Pokémon have escaped into the wild. They are now spread around Zaful planet. Can you help us and catch’em all? Catch’em and use their special power to shop and protect the environment of Zaful Planet! Best of luck young trainers! We are counting on you!

How to play?

Please read the following three steps:

  1. Find a wild Pokémon on

They are everywhere!!! Enter any product page on and you will have chances to find random Pokémons!pokemon      2.Catch’em

Try to catch the Pokeman by clicking the Gif whenever you find one reading through the page. However, since they are not that easy to catch, don’t be disappointed if they escaped.caught escaped

      3.See what you’ve caught?

You can check all the Pokemons you’ve got by clicking the blue button. Find your coupon code.button

Different Pokémons represent different rewards. Rarer Pokémons bring higher rewards.

The rarer the better. Share it with your friends to improve your chances of finding a rarer Pokémon.

Besides, a chance to win the Grand Prix Final will be an additional reward if you are willing to share the game page to your friends.

Two options are given here:

Option 1:$200 gift card

Option 2:A set of customized outfits

Winners will be annouced on Zaful’s official FB/INS/TWITTER page after the event ends.share


How to apply the coupon code?

  • Add the items to your bag(cart). When you click on the bag(cart). You will find a promotion code box on the right.
  • Enter the coupon code on that box and click APPLY.
  • The coupon discount will adjust your order total.

EXPIRY DATE: 9/26/2016

Get up! Let the game begin. More zaful promotion and discount on

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